Case Study

We gave this rapidly growing business coaching and digital products company a new compensation structure to keep their sales team motivated while also protecting their margins.

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  • Who We Work With

    We work with coaching and consulting businesses that have revenue exceeding $1.5M per year. Most of our clients are seeking help with organizing their data so that they can see if they are truly profitable, how to protect their margins, and find new opportunities.

  • Who We Are

    AnalyticSherpa is a team of financial and business experts with years of experience in financial management and data analytics.  We help companies accelerate success with expert data management, proven financial frameworks and innovative analysis. 

  • How We Help You

    If you would like help scaling your business and protecting your margins, then apply to work with us. We start by giving you a free 12-Month Cash Flow Outlook. This will help us to determine if at a good point for our comprehensive consulting, while giving you a close look at what we provide.